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Myeloma UK London to Paris 2018

Amgen UK and Ireland is supporting the Myeloma UK London to Paris ride 5-9 September 2018, by sponsoring an Amgen team of 15 riders. Myeloma UK has teamed up with cycling event specialists Edge to stage this event with professional-quality support including rolling road closures, support vehicles and mechanical back-up. The London to Paris ride will be a challenging 4 day event, which will mean a whopping 500km for each rider. At the finish, the riders will arrive in Paris under police escort up to the Arc de Triomphe and then on to finish at the Eiffel Tower. 

Through this major fundraising event Myeloma UK aims to accelerate scientific breakthroughs and transform the clinical trial environment in myeloma. Amgen is a corporate partner for the event and together with Amgen Europe colleagues, is entering a total of twenty-five keen cyclists for the event. While the entry fee is funded by Amgen, all of the riders are undertaking their own personal fundraising of a minimum of £1,500 each. In this feature, you'll meet the Amgen team, find out a little more about them and what it takes to undertake an endurance cycling event.

Annmarie Gill

My cycling experience is almost non-existent, having never cycled more than 20 miles!  Undertaking this mammoth ride will test me both physically and mentally.   That said, I am cautiously confident I will make it through the 4-day cycle.  Next few months of training will be scary and exciting but I’m going to keep Day 4 and the Champs-Elysees in my mind to spur me on so I’ll be in good shape for the event itself.  Being part of the Amgen team is a real privilege and knowing that collectively we’ll be raising a considerable amount towards Myeloma UK’s end goal to finding a cure is something to be proud about.



Philip Pyne

I’ve always enjoyed cycling, and still distinctly remember that magical sensation as a child of riding without stabilisers for the first time; it felt as if I was flying.  I’ve done a few cycling challenges over the years but never thought I’d get a chance to be involved in a ride like this.  Being part of a team, riding across France and finishing in Paris is a very exciting opportunity and all in support of a fantastic charity.  Myeloma UK is doing fantastic work to improve the lives of myeloma patients so let’s give them all the support we can.




Nicola McBride

As an oncology nurse, I looked after patients suffering from multiple myeloma.  These patients were in considerable pain, with limited treatment options and no hope of a cure. Thanks to organisations like Myeloma UK, the treatment options for patients living with this horrible condition are vastly improved; but it is still incurable.  The ultimate goal of Myeloma UK is to find that cure. I consider it a privilege to be taking part in an activity which is raising money for Myeloma UK. I am even prepared to swap my beloved running to cycling (at least for this year). Every single penny you donate will go to Myeloma UK. Thank you.



Gabriel- Jean Castaigne

For 21 years Myeloma UK has been putting patients with multiple myeloma first in everything they do! It’s goal is to find a cure for this incurable blood cancer that impact the life of almost 20,000 patients and their loved ones across the UK. Myeloma UK supports patients directly by helping them through their difficult journey, it supports cutting edge academic and clinical research, ensuring that the patient’s voice is heard. Riding to my beloved Paris in support of Myeloma UK will be an honour.  Its now infamous London to Paris bike ride is just one way we can help Myeloma UK to achieve its goal of finding a cure for multiple myeloma. 



Nichola Dingley

I have always enjoyed cycling of a somewhat more pleasurable nature and I have never done ANYTHING like this before (in my life), so will be a MASSIVE challenge! For the next few months, I shall be cycling miles and miles in preparation for the ride.  This is a great opportunity to raise awareness of Myeloma UK and help make a difference to the lives of patients living with Myeloma. So please dig deep, make the saddle sores worth it, and help me smash my fundraising target!!



Ryan Rawson

As I work at a transformational company, I thought the London to Paris Ride offered a chance to transform myself too as I’ve entered middle age! Two colleagues completed the ride last year and couldn’t speak more highly of both the experience and the inspirational stories of some of the patients that completed the ride with them. Clearly, it’s a fantastic cause, and as I’ve never done anything like this before what better challenge to undertake and make a contribution to this highly worthwhile charity.



Adam Leeves

When the call came for volunteers for this ride I must admit, I hesitated and thought myself out of it a couple of times. I then read the ‘Past Rides’ section of the Myeloma website and immediately knew I’d regret not at least applying. The fact that we’ll be riding with people not only from Amgen, but also friends/relatives of patients, clinicians and even myeloma patients themselves, is encouragement enough to reach Paris. Your donations will of course spur us all on so please donate whatever you can for such a worthy cause!



Mark Givargisoff

My first bike was a Raleigh Tomahawk aged 5, I wasn’t big enough for a Chopper. I’ve got a bigger bike now and am training hard to be fit enough to ride 80+ miles a day. This will be the longest ride I’ve ever done for a charity but with more training and your support I’m sure I’ll make it to Paris. I’m often in Haematology units with the team and see myeloma patients. Thanks for supporting the great cause – Myeloma UK.



Eni Odeyemi


My name is Eni Odeyemi. I am a Regional Account Manager at Amgen Three years ago I had a cholesterol test which came back slightly high hence I took up cycling to get some regular exercise. I consider myself lucky to be awarded a place on the Amgen Myeloma UK cycle team for the London to Paris challenge.



Paul Wathall


During my nursing days, I met a young man with Multiple Myeloma and through a series of admissions I grew to know him and his family very well. I will never forget the impact myeloma had on their lives and they remain a constant reminder that, despite improvements in treatment, myeloma remains an incurable disease. Although the average life expectancy is approximately 4 years, many patients live for 20 years or more. This is largely due to improvements treatment, which is why charities such as Myeloma UK, that financially support this activity, deserve our continued support.



Matthew Hayward

After closely following the efforts of last year’s team it is a great privilege to have been selected this year to represent Amgen in helping Myeloma UK. The myeloma patients, the doctors and researchers associated with Myeloma UK are truly inspiring and this has become my greatest motivation during my preparation. I have found cycling to be a very immersive sport since I was selected and something I will be certainly be taking seriously as part of my social life. In addition to the personal achievements I feel we are all making a difference and to be part of this is just amazing. Onwards and upwards. Hopefully more onwards



Sami Khan

Firstly, I am very grateful for this opportunity and I am proud to be part of this Amgen team to raise awareness and funds for Myeloma UK. Working at Amgen has given me an insight into multiple myeloma and the great work Myeloma UK does to support patients and carers. On a personal level this will be a real challenge. I have 4 kids and therefore a hectic family life (of course thoroughly enjoyable!) has taken its toll on my activity. I have managed some cycling in recent years however not at this level.



Sandra Wilson

My role at Amgen is a Regional Account Manager. I live and work in Manchester. I am both excited and a little nervous about being chosen as part of the team to represent Amgen on this year’s Myeloma UK London to Paris bike ride. I’m not a mad keen cyclist - you won’t see me cycling in stormy weather - but I have completed cycling challenges in the past. In October 2018 I will be joining friends on a cycling holiday through China (approximately 650km) and it is my training for this that has seen me signed up to the Myeloma London to Paris. I had started a training programme in January and I thought why not use the opportunity to benefit a worthwhile charity too! As an ex nurse I know how devastating a diagnosis like myeloma can be. This is a great opportunity to support a great charity and share the benefit of my improved fitness.



Catriona Duggan and Jack Olden will also be taking part from the Ireland team.