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  • 1. In what instances does Amgen collect personal information about you?
    • When you interact with Amgen staff members or our representatives;
    • When you participate in, or request to be considered for Amgen-related activities, such as clinical trials, advisory boards or consultancies;
    • When you register for an Amgen-sponsored event (including online events); and
    • When you contact us for medical information, safety or quality issues.
    • From Amgen or Third Party websites or apps where we are asking you to provide personal data, as described in the respective Privacy Policy. When you are participating in an event or congress, Amgen may receive your personal information from the organizer as described by their Privacy Policy.

    In addition, Amgen is regularly provided with professional information about Health Care Professionals in Europe from a third party service provider. Amgen takes steps to ensure that the information it receives has been collected and transferred in compliance with applicable privacy laws.

  • 2. Why does Amgen process information about you?

    Amgen processes personal information about you for purposes which may include:

    • To manage Amgen’s commercial and scientific activities, such as participation in market research, clinical trials, professional meetings or congresses;
    • To promote and assess Amgen’s products and services (for example, sending marketing newsletters or performing market research);
    • To respond to requests for medical information;
    • To assist you in planning trips related to Amgen’s business or products;
    • To comply with legal and regulatory requirements such as safety monitoring, adverse event reporting and internal auditing obligations;
    • To identify and engage with you as a scientific expert or a professional leader; and
    • For purposes such as storage and backup.
  • 3. What kind of personal information do we process?

    Depending on the purposes for which personal information is collected, Amgen may process:

    • Your name;
    • Your contact information such as address, email or telephone number;
    • Your login and password to connect to Amgen services online;
    • Your curriculum vitae and professional information such as areas of specialization;
    • Your past collaborations with Amgen;
    • Dates and brief summary of interactions with Amgen’s sales representatives or medical staff; and
    • Financial and banking information, but only if necessary to pay you for services or reimburse your expenses.
  • 4. Who can access personal information about you?

    Depending on the purposes for which personal information is collected, such information may be accessed by:

    • Authorized staff from Amgen or its representatives acting on Amgen’s behalf, subject to applicable privacy laws;
    • Regulatory authorities and ethics committees or other third parties pursuant to applicable laws;
    • Third parties processing personal information as a data processor under Amgen’s instruction (for example, a travel service or a clinical research organization); and
    • Third parties with which Amgen collaborates (for example, other pharmaceutical companies), but only after taking reasonable steps to ensure that we can share such information in compliance with applicable privacy laws.
  • 5. Where is information about you being processed?

    Amgen is a multi-national company headquartered in the United States. Amgen maintains data centers around the world, including in the European Union and the United States. Amgen may process personal information in global databases that can be accessed by authorized Amgen personnel worldwide.

    Transfers outside of Europe are made in accordance with applicable privacy laws. Regardless of where your personal information is collected or processed, Amgen maintains and shall ensure that service providers maintain appropriate administrative, technical and physical safeguards to protect information about you.

    Transfers of personal information among Amgen and its group entities follow applicable laws and our Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs). For more information on the BCRs, including your ability to file a complaint about any processing of your personal information in violation of the BCRs, please visit

    Safeguards used to transfer personal information to countries non declared adequate by the EU Commission
    Additional information
    Amgen’s group of companies
    Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs) Visit the link if you want to file a complaint about any processing of your personal information in violation of BCRs.
    Vendors processing personal data under Amgen’s instructions.
    Model Contracts

    To obtain a copy please contact Amgen’s Privacy Compliance Team at

  • 6. How can you exercise the right to data portability?

    According to the right to data portability, you have the right to request that your personal information provided to Amgen be delivered to you in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, subject to certain conditions and can be requested by contacting Amgen’s Privacy Compliance Team at

  • 7. Retention of your personal information

    Amgen process your personal data for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this privacy notice and to preserve your personal information in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations.

    The criteria followed is determined by:

    • The purpose of the data collected and the fulfillment of that purpose.
    • The ground on which the data are being collected : e.g. in case of consent, you can revoke it at any time.
    • Mandatory retention periods provided by contractual and regulatory requirements.
  • 8. How does Amgen manage disclosure of transfers of value?
    • Amgen collects data about the transfers of value that you have received from us so that we can comply with our obligations under the IPHA Code, specifically that companies must document and publicly disclose annually certain transfers of value made directly or indirectly to health professionals and other members of the healthcare community located in Europe.
    • Amgen recognises the legitimate public interest in better understanding the financial relationships that healthcare professionals have with the pharmaceutical industry for the purposes of transparency and trust in the pharmaceutical industry.
    • The law requires us to inform you of the legal basis for collecting and processing your personal data where Amgen is the data controller. Where Amgen processes data relating to transfers of value made to you, Amgen relies on the legal basis of legitimate interests to process that data. Amgen’s compliance with the IPHA Code and these further objectives cannot be met without processing personal data about you and the transfers of value that you have received from us. We have carried out a Legitimate Interests Assessment and consider that this processing is necessary, proportionate and without harm to you.
    • If you do not agree to the disclosure of data relating to transfers of value made to you by Amgen, you can raise an objection via the form which can be found HERE and send it as an email attachment to uk&

    Effective: July 1, 2022

  • 9. You have the right to make a Privacy Complaint with a Supervisory Authority.

    If you feel Amgen’s processing your personal information violates any applicable law, rule or regulation, you have the right to lodge a complaint with your local supervisory authority. The contact details are: the Data Protection Commission, 21 Fitzwilliam Square D02 RD28 Dublin 2,

Updated May 2022